Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to get Pinterest Hair

Does anyone remember when salons used to have those books with all the different hairstyles?

My school salon has them and for the most part they are incredibly out of date, even though a lot of them are classic styles, the photography, styling, and makeup is from the 80's at least!

Today when I have a client who wants something different than her normal style, she shows me an image straight from Pinterest!  Amazing!

Here's the deal though...
What you see may not be what you get so I've put together some tips on how to be prepared for your salon consultation using Pinterest.

3 Tips for making the most our of your salon consultation using Pinterest

1. Have a clear expectation of what you want done.

For example, if you want something done like the image on the right, make sure you understand what it is either before the appointment or while you are talking to your stylist.  Be clear about what you like about this hair style and what you don't like about it (which is equally important). PS the image on the right looks like highlights with the balayage technique.

2. Trends are also fads.  

What's hot one minute is gone the next. BUT... We love trends!  Hairstylists love when they get clients that want something fun, funky, different, and trendy!  The most important part of any hair service though... hair integrity!  The image to the left and the one above had some lightening or bleaching in order to achieve those looks.  Bleaching hair can be damaging if performed the wrong way - like with a Manic Panic bleach kit from Sally's.... ensure that your stylists' main goal, aside from creating this spectacular look, is the health and integrity of your hair!

3. Drastically changing your hairstyle can be fun!  

But it's also a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Your stylist may even ask, are you sure, a lot. This is why the consultation is SOOO important!  Sure, we can pin it up and show you what it will look like, but we also need to talk about the maintenance, how long it will take to grow out realistically, and how styling your hair is going to change.

So if I haven't said it enough times before, I'm going to try to be really clear now - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A THOROUGH CONSULTATION WITH YOUR STYLIST BEFORE ANY CHEMICAL SERVICE OR EXTREME CHANGE TO YOUR LOOK! A consultation should take between 10 - 15 minutes too, if it seems too fast - it probably was.


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