Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deep Conditioning Treatments 101

Deep Conditioning Treatments 101
Over the past year I've been working hard to repair damage to my hair cause by over-processing. I love color and I love highlights, unfortunately a combination of box color use and poor shampoo and conditioning habits have left me with undesirable locks.

But since having decided to switch careers towards the beauty industry, I've inherited a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the hair on our heads as well as our scalps.

Using this knowledge that I've gained through education and product demonstrations, I am now able to repair the damage to my hair as well as ensure new growth stays healthy.

Today I'm going to reveal ways to help fix hair damage and maintain healthy locks.

What you're going to learn in this blog post:
  • What deep conditioning treatments really are
  • How to identify what kind of damage you've done (if any)
  • What type of deep conditioning treatment you should use as well as how and when they should be used
  • Where to purchase or how to make your own

What is a deep conditioning treatment and what does it do?
A deep conditioning treatment is a specially formulated conditioner that will help to repair your hair from damage that the environment, styling tools that use heat, and Chemical treatments may have caused or to help bring back and retain moisture lost in your hair due to seasonal, aging, as well as environmental changes.

What kind of damage is your hair experiencing?
First of all, are you chemically processing your hair on a regular basis?  Whether getting color in the salon or buying an at home kit, are you doing so every 6 weeks?  In the salon you would only ever get a root touchup unless you were changing colors, and then your stylist will hopefully do as little damage as possible to your hair. Most color diy'ers are continuially coloring their entire head instead of just touching up the roots. The best way to figure this out is to look at your hair and feel it.  Does it get knotty easily?  Does it feel dry, even when wet?  Is it breaking?  Winter months will dry your hair out because we are being exposed to more heat which will evaporate any moisture in the air, which is why our skin is also a little dryer.

How do I find the right one for me?
Is your hair really frizzy and products just aren't cutting it?  You may have some severely damaged hair.  The hair that is furthest away from your scalp will be the most damaged to your newest hair.  It may be wise to use a re-constructor with protein to help close the cuticle of the hair, and a trim wouldn't be a bad idea either.  Typically, constant use of chemicals in your hair from coloring, lightening, perming, or relaxing, etc, could severely damage your hair.

If your hair seems a little dry, but not too much, you might want to give a moisturizing treatment a try. This treatment will help replenish lost moisture do to too much heat from your home, office, car, and styling tools.

If you want to maintain shine to relatively healthy hair, you could either leave your conditioner in your hair for a few minutes longer to penetrate your hair cuticle or consider a leave in oil, sheen, or conditioner which will give you a glossy look and help boost the health of your hair.

Ideally, you would want to talk to your stylist about the state of your hair. Your stylist can give you a honest opinion about the quality of your hair and what you need to do in order to fix it or maintain it. If you are unable to get to your stylist or just don't have one you can do a couple of things that will help you figure out the quality of your hair.
First, how does your hair feel?

Where to purchase or how to make your own
Deep conditioning treatments are easy to find and to make.  If you are on a limited budget, you can purchase inexpensive brands at Wal-Mart, Target, or your local drug store.

For treatments that have more concentrated high-quality ingredients, you will need to visit a salon and speak to a stylist about the right product for you.  You could spend $15 - $30 for these products, but they will last you a year or more.  You could always try before you buy and purchase a deep conditioning service and consultation to purchase the right product for your treatment.

You can also make your own treatments with a few items from the grocery store.  From coconut oil to honey to oatmeal and even avocado, you can whip up a few at home remedies for conditioning and repairing your hair.  Check out my Pinterest board for ideas!


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